Photo: Courtesy of Kid Licks

Painting your child’s nails sounds harmless right? Think again. Difficulty breathing, allergic reactions and dry skin are just a few of the side effects caused by toxins commonly found in nail polish. You hear about nail products being “3-free”, “5-free” “7-free” and “9-free” meaning they are free of the “toxic trio” toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate plus other harmful chemicals. Some brands claim to be free of toxins but contain other chemicals.

Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot wanted to make sure what their children were putting on their hands was safe. The couple was inspired by their oldest daughter who is now five. “When she was younger she saw me painting my nails and wanted to do the same all by herself,” Amara explains. “It really made me think about what was in nail polishes, even ones marketed towards kids, and I thought that the only way I would be comfortable with my children wearing nail polish is if it was edible. There were no edible nail polishes out there and I made plans to come up with my own. First I came up with the name “Kid Licks.”

“We cooked it up in the kitchen after pouring through information on all sorts of ingredients,” said Amara. “We had plenty of failed experiments before we finally came up with a formula that worked, and even then we had to work with labs to make sure it was safe and shelf-stable.”

Kid Licks is an organic, edible nail polish. It is made with all organic fruits, vegetables and other plants so it’s safe for your child to apply themselves and it’s even safe to lick. It can be removed with just water. The product comes in three colors: Beet Red, Sour Carrot Orange and Barley Grass Green. “We’re still experimenting with new colors and new products and will be debuting some of them in the coming months,” says Amara.