Photo Credit: Subbotina/Dreamstime

You have been wearing acrylic nails for some time now but you’re looking for a change. There are a few different nail shapes to choose from. You think the stiletto nail looks sexy and you wonder if it’s right for you. You have seen popular celebrities sporting this look. But here are a few things you need to consider before you decide on this type of nail. Here are 12 things you need to know before choosing stiletto nails.

“Are these nails dangerous?”

  1. Stiletto nails are beautiful. You can’t stop looking at them. Your nails make you feel glamorous.
  2. If you can’t afford acrylic nails then you can get this look at home. Warning, natural nails are not near as durable as acrylic nails so the tips might break off by the third day.
  3. They draw attention. Have you noticed that people can’t stop staring at your hands? Children are afraid of you.
  4. It’s hard to type because of the long length. You keep hitting the wrong keys. It takes forever to type that email. If your job involves a computer, you can forget about leaving work on time.
  5. It’s even harder to text. Your nails are too long to hit the right keys. There are a lot of typos. It takes a lot longer to send a text. Then again you could always use the tip of your nails to type.
  6. It’s difficult to pick up items. Everything keeps slipping out of your hands.
  7. If you rub your eye it could be painful.
  8. Cooking is hard. Doing dishes is even harder as you worry about scratching your non stick pans with your fingernails.
  9. You will have trouble applying makeup. When applying eye liner stabbing yourself in the eye is always a possibility.
  10. Buttons and zippers are impossible.
  11. They’re expensive. Some nail salons charge extra for longer nails due to it taking extra time because of the length. You will have to make an appointment for refills and repairs which will usually be about twice a month.
  12. If you don’t like them you will be out the money. You might have to pay to have them removed at the salon. You can remove them at home but you might damage your own nail.

The good news is that if you already wear acrylic nails then you will have a shorter adjustment period. Even so the longer length is harder to get use too. But before long you will become a pro at everyday tasks.