Photo: Courtesy of American Made Supply Co.

These days you walk into a store and you can bet you won’t see the words “Made in the USA.” If you do you should be prepared to pay a lot more. American Made Supply Co. has come to your rescue. This company has shaken things up with a flag and a dream of creating a premium quality t-shirt at a low price. After trying more t-shirts than they could count and always having the same problem, inconsistent fit, and cheap materials these two guys set out to change all that.

The flag is not only a symbol of patriotism but also quality. The United States flag is sewn into every piece of clothing AMSCO sells. The red, white and blue are a reminder that they stand behind their clothing. As the name states all clothing is 100% American made.

Photo: Courtesy of American Made Supply Co.

Best friends J Winklepleck and Jordan Hunnell are the brains behind this clothing line based in Los Angeles. The duo created their first American made t-shirt for a client back in 2013 and they became an instant hit. Selling thousands of them in a couple of months. They decided to poll customers to get feedback on the way the shirts fit. Made some adjustments over the next year and half and so “American Made Supply Co” was born. And the rest is shall we say history.

Winklepleck and Hunnell are traditionally apparel manufacturers with a combined business track record of 30+ years in the industry. They had been contracted for many high-end brands and as a result were able to create a product line that was premium quality at affordable price points.

AMSCO currently offers 33 styles between men and women with another six coming in for spring – Sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large for women, and small to extra-large for men with impressive price points from $20 to $80. Styles ranging from the classic tee, v-neck tee, sleeveless tee, french terry jogger pant, and french terry short to name a few. Everything is knitted, cut, sewn, dyed, and packaged in Vernon, California.

Photo: Courtesy of American Made Supply Co.

What sets AMSCO apart from other clothing manufacturers is it’s not only 100% American made from start to finish, but they don’t use any imported yarns or fabrics. ” It’s more expensive for us, however we do not pass the expense on to the end-user.  As mentioned our primary focus is making premium apparel affordable, even if it means making less money to do so,” a spokesperson for the company told us.

Get ready to mix, match, and show your pride.