Photo: Courtesy of Local Take

This week we’re talking to the visionary behind one of the most unique gift shops in the Bay Area, Jennifer Meyer. She is the owner of “Local Take.” With two locations, one at Castro and the other at Inner Sunset.

Jennifer worked in corporate retail for over 10 years then decided about six years ago she wanted to work more closely with her local community and create opportunities for local artists to show and sell their work. After two years, opening pop-up shops and artist markets, it was time for her to open her own permanent location.

She is inspired everyday by all the amazing artwork in this unique city of ours, and the artists that make it. She wanted to create a space where all these artists could show their work, knowing how much our fellow San Franciscans love unique, creative and locally-made items.

Date gift shop first opened?

“Our Castro store has been open four years this May and we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary at the Inner Sunset store this April.”

What do you like best about working here?

“Being surrounded by such talent. San Francisco is such a big city for artists and independent makers. There’s always some new street art or mural going up, a new crafter just starting their career, or a craft fair showing off all these designers in one place. It makes it that much easier for all of us to shop small and local every day.”

Photo: Courtesy of Local Take

How did the community react to Local Take?

“They loved it and still do. In both the Castro and Inner Sunset, the locals really appreciate locally made goods. They know they’re keeping their dollars in the community. And the tourists love it because they can get truly unique souvenirs, handmade with love.”

What products do you sell?

“Pretty much anything you can think of. T-shirts, jewelry, wall art, tea towels, bottle openers, wallets, laser cut maps, ceramics… too much to list.

We have a lot of items centered around San Francisco iconography like our Golden Gate Brige-shaped pillows or our 3D-printed Sutro Tower earrings. We also have a wonderful selection of women’s and men’s clothing, some of which is specifically designed for the unique climate of the city.”

Photo: Courtesy of Local Take

How many artist and designers do you work with?

“Currently we have about 140 different artists showing with us.”

Any obstacles to overcome?

“Tons of obstacles to overcome! Luckily they usually come one at a time so then they become learning experiences.”

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

“Our goal is to offer a really diverse assortment of unique items made by artists using interesting and new techniques.  When our customers get really excited about a piece, we know we’ve done a good job! We want everyone who walks in the door to fall in love with an art piece, find exactly what they’re looking for or just enjoy the creations as much as we do.

We strive to help our customers find the perfect gift, whether it’s for a loved one or for themselves.”